Life Passages

The Word Strings series represents a body of work curated over a decade and consists of narrative phrases, quotations and genuine thoughts on life. My prior creative endeavor was an illustration series titled “Aquabet” which transformed letters of the American alphabet into sea creatures. While that project focused on illustrative drawings, the Word Strings series focuses on using words to tell stories or to provide snapshots on life.

The digital universe offers us the opportunity to connect, have conversations and establish relationships with others. Sometimes sharing is an echo of our own experience, sometimes a much needed pick-me-up or perhaps even a call to action. The digital arena is filled with quotes, poetry and literary passages. It is a collective habit in just about every context to reach out and express our thoughts. I wanted to place Word Strings out there for collective consumption and use. Initially this was done through social shares and blogging and served as the first indication there was was merit to sharing my word strings with a wider audience. 

The quotes, phrases and longer poetry of the series were composed and published to provide a reference point when it was difficult to place meaning around a situation in life or to express some emotion as well as when it was celebratory or joyful. Volume 1 wraps around the central themes of community, transition and discourse.

What I have said in reflecting on this work...

“This particular series is most certainly about life passages. In fact, it purposely seeks out to recognize life’s imperfection. Life, after all, is not a perfect circle. It is as important to acknowledge and accept the jagged edges of living as it is the smooth, sleek lines of our every-day existence.”

“Volume 1 harkens to a time period I spent witnessing my father’s health decline which led to many hospital stays, a great deal of rehabilitation, moving to an assisted living facility and dying.”

“Grief and I are very well acquainted. I found framing words around emotions for comfort and inspiration important to processing what was happening around me as well as simply to acknowledge a state of being, both positively and negatively.”